March 31, 2011

Bear Lake – With Deer!

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We were at Bear Lake on March 12th with some friends from our ward, and we had a great time watching Jeeves and Wooster, sledding, and eating hot dogs, but the best part (for me, at least), was seeing deer right outside our bedroom window! We woke up on Saturday morning and there were deer outside, just eating the shrubbery that’s right outside the window. We took pictures, and one of our friends took a video of them. My dad got a picture of the closest one sticking its tongue out while it was eating. I liked that picture the best out of all of them because it looked cute. I liked these pictures and I hope you like them too because I liked being there and having so much fun, and the deer were so cute and fun to watch!


November 29, 2010

Disneyland and Book Reviews

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We went to Disneyland in October during fall break. We surprised our grandma because she didn’t know (and my sister and I didn’t know) where we were going or that we were going too. When we got there, we got rental cars, and drove to our hotel to check in. Except we couldn’t check in because check-in time was 12:00 noon. So we left our bags in the car, and went to our favorite restaurant, Tiffy’s, and after we ate, we went to DISNEYLAND! And as of now, I have two new favorite rides: The Tower of Terror, and Space Mountain. I got to go on the California Screamin‘ twice in a row, because after I did it with my dad, grandpa, and sister, a man came up to us and asked if we wanted two Fastpass tickets. So my dad and I went again. In the picture they took on the ride with just my dad and I, my hair was blowing away behind me. I had a great time at Disneyland!

Book Reviews

One of my favorite hobbies is reading, so I thought I could share some of my favorite books with you. My favorite category/categories are adventure and mystery, and mostly I like them combined.

Some of my favorite books are: Theodore Boone:Kid Lawyer, The Fablehaven series, The Sisters Grimm, Percy Jackson and the Olympians, Harry Potter, The 39 Clues, National Velvet, Little Princess, Little House on the Prairie, The Mysterious Benedict Society, Matilda, Howl’s Moving Castle, The Brixton Brothers, The Hobbit, The Graveyard Book, Anne of Green Gables, Inkheart, Inkspell, Cicada Summer, and that’s only some.

What I like about some of the books are:

Theodore Boone: He knows more about the law than most judges, and he learns the truth about a very important case before anyone else!

Fablehaven: There are some fictional creatures that no author has ever mentioned before, such as kobolds, and gluttons. Also hidden magical artifacts.

The Sisters Grimm: Since when do fairy-tale characters live in the real world? Why is Red Riding Hood in the insane asylum? Sabrina and Daphne Grimm are fairy-tale detectives who solve these mysteries, and they also find out odd things about famous fairy-tale characters like the Big Bad Wolf is on their side? The Wizard of Oz tries to kill them?!

Percy Jackson: Percy is just a normal teenager-who gets kicked out of every school he goes to— until he finds out he’s the son of a Greek god! Then he gets action like, being attacked by a Minotaur, or a Cyclops, but things might get worse!

Harry Potter: Harry is just a normal kid who goes to a school called Hogwarts to become a wizard. He’s trying to fight an evil wizard named Voldemort with help from his friends Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger. Read all 7!

June 28, 2010


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This week (Thursday, Friday and Saturday), we went to St.George. We got to see family, I Love Lucy, and most of all, Cats.

We went to see it on Thursday night. I liked seeing Rum Tum Tugger, Macavity, Mr. Mistoffelees, Mungojerrie + Rumpelteazer, and all the other kitties. A few of you probably don’t know who these are, but they’re some of the kitties’ names.

Macavity is the Troublemaker. Magical Mr. Mistoffelees is, well, magical! He helped make the ending a happy ending. Mungojerrie + Rumpelteazer are the most famous kitty-criminals (to cats, that is).

All of these cats are “Jellicle” cats. When the “Jellicle moon” rises, Old Deuteronomy (the oldest Jellicle cat) will choose the cat he thinks is most worthy of getting the gift. The gift is another life!

When Old Deuteronomy chooses the cat that will get a new life, that cat will go away, and come back at a time that no one can predict, and that cat will look like a new, reborn cat.

I loved seeing Cats, and I wish I could see it again. I hope you’ll be able to see it one day too, if you haven’t already!

April 3, 2010

About Me

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I am “trilingual” because I speak German, English, and Sign Language. I learned German from my dad, and I learned Sign Language from the Sign Language interpreter in my class. She’s there because there’s a deaf boy in my class as well. Here are some of my favorite things so you can get to know me better.

Favorite Color : Blue

Animal : Cat

Holiday : Christmas

Day : Sunday

Books : Harry Potter series, Anne of Green Gables series, Terry Pratchett books, and The Mysterious Benedict Society

Games : Scrabble, Imaginiff, and Life

Sport : Swimming

Food : Hamburgers and Pasta (not mixed)

Dessert : Ice Cream and Cake

Music : Rock and Classical

Blog at